About Us

We have built a compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated team, along with comprehensive services for those who require, or simply want, home transition help.

Based on your specific requirements, our experienced team will develop and execute a transition support plan that simplifies your transition process, maximizes your profits, and ensures that both you and your home make a seamless move.

The Team

Travis Rowe - Founder and certified transition specialist

As co-owner of Defined Lines, a business that helps realtors and investment property owners educate potential buyers about their listings, I have witnessed firsthand how overwhelming the moving process is and the types of situations that many homeowners encounter.

By combining my business education, my experience within the real estate market and the knowledge I have gained through my Senior Move Management certification (cSSM), I have a solid understanding of what services are required, the best way to provide these services, and how to manage the emotional and physical components of a transition in order to accomplish a successful move for clients of all ages and situations.

Olivia Ovens - Certified stager and interior decorator

As a certified home stager I know how a properly staged home can help set the foundations for a higher sell price and a faster sale. Selling your home is all about first impressions. By making your home more neutral, defining areas and refreshing the atmosphere, I can create an environment that will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. This will make your home more marketable and present it as move-in ready. Most often this can be accomplished through simple and inexpensive techniques.


Janis Rowe - Voluntary Board of Advisors

For more than 35 years I have worked on behalf of not-for-profit organizations and the Government of Ontario to assist people with creating life and transitional plans. The personal situations of those I have helped range from people who require minimal support to those who are medically fragile. Through this experience I am able to provide additional perspectives and helpful tips that will enhance your move, given your specific situation.

Helping my parents to transition to retirement living and long term care was an emotional experience that we were able to deal with in a positive manner. It was particularly helpful to have all the proper supports and services in place to effectively make these moves.

As a transition consultant, I look forward to providing appropriate training, knowledge and direction to those involved with your transition, as well as contribute further insight into the development of your specific transition strategy. My goal is to help ensure a smooth transition into your new lifestyle.

Robert Rowe - Voluntary Board of Advisors

Throughout my 35+ year career as a property manager and a program administrator within various levels of government, I have been involved with individuals and families making necessary lifestyle changes and subsequent changes to their housing requirements. Part of my dealings with real people in real life situations included recognizing the concerns and stress for seniors having to relocate from their family home to an apartment sized dwelling, offering practical advice on making such transitions and providing assurance that things will work out just fine.

On a more personal level, my siblings and I provided compassionate support to aging parents, assisting them to recognize changing abilities and addressing changing needs. This included putting support services in place for in-home palliative care and assisted retirement living. Helping people and their loved ones to properly get on with life as quickly and seamlessly as possible is good medicine.