The Benefits

Whether you are:

  • Downsizing
  • Dealing with an illness or the loss of a loved one
  • Do not have family or friends available to assist with the move
  • Or simply dread the thought of the moving process....

We can help!

A stress free move

From de-cluttering, disposing of garbage, cleaning, selling unwanted items, completing address changes, preparing your house for the sale, moving and arranging your new home, we are setup to manage it all. You let us know how we can help!

  • You won`t have to gather quotations, review contracts, and coordinate the schedule for the moving company, interior cleaning crew, exterior cleaning crew, waste bin rental, manpower required for waste disposal, selling of unwanted items, etc.
  • You won`t need to find / sort through potential day workers, set pay rates, or coordinate schedules in order to have the heavy lifting components completed.

We set the stage for a higher sell price and a faster sale

We do not use pushy sales tactics or up-selling. Your quote is based on a transition strategy that we create together. A strategy that meets your needs and budget.

We generate additional money for you

With our services completed by capable Transition Support staff and our specific, pre-qualified affiliate companies acting under our guidance, we are able to provide you with affordable transitional support.

We help minimize your financial and legal risk

With Transition Support Services handling all aspects of your move, we diminish any financial, scheduling, or home surprises during and after the transition. Our team ensures that each of our services are completed on schedule, that proper insurance is provided and that all appropriate inspections are done. This ensures that all issues are dealt with prior to the sale, the buyers understand exactly what they are buying and there is minimal risk of the buyer taking future legal action against you.

No out-of-pocket money required (OAC)

In many cases you are not required to provide a deposit or make any form of payment until the money is available, through the closing of your home. Through Transition Support Services, you have the opportunity to access necessary services required for a positive transition, a simple transition, and for maximizing your return.

We reduce stress on all family members

With the ever-increasing time demands placed on all of us, our service takes the physical and emotional stress from the family members and friends who may feel obligated to take on the additional responsibility of your move. Their involvement during the transition is welcome whenever they are able and we will ensure they are continuously updated with the progress.

We ensure that all aspects of a move are complete, in the proper order

Errors and missed deadlines can be costly for a home owner. With our full transition service you are ensured that everything is completed when it’s supposed to be. When Transition Support Services handles your move you never have to worry about missed deadline charges or cancellation fees.

We help prevent theft of your identity

Our service drastically reduces the chance of someone stealing your identity by properly sorting, disposing, and filing your documents.

We reduce unnecessary friction between family members

Our service focuses on building an environment that deescalates the potential of hurt feelings and family feuds. We accomplish this by properly dispersing your possessions based on your requests and ensuring that all presale steps are taken to maximize profits through the sale of your house and unwanted items. No more arguments of who is doing all the work.

We help reduce the emotional stress when a transition is a result of losing a loved one

Although client-approved family members are always welcome to be present during the sorting of their loved ones personal possessions, they can take great comfort in knowing that our service will respectfully and accurately act on the wishes of their lost loved ones, under the direction of their loved one’s will.

Reduces the risk of elder abuse

The opportunity for elder abuse can be especially heightened during times of transitional upheaval. Our service creates an unprejudiced barrier that works solely on your behalf. We provide the support and resources that help make you comfortable and in control of the entire transition.

We allow you to focus on what matters most... you and your loved ones

Whether you are going through a divorce, have lost a loved one, or are dealing with an illness, with our support services, you will have the time, the assistance, and the resources to focus on all those effected by your particular circumstances.