The Process

Through our services you can simplify your transition, set the stage for a higher sell price and a faster sale, and help you generate additional money during the transition process.

Our Payment Structure works for YOU... Do NOT pay until the sale of your house is complete! (OAC)

A free initial consultation can be arranged in your home, at your convenience. Following our discussion we will provide you with a hassle-free quotation, based on the support requirements you have indicated.

Since our service philosophy focuses on building comfort and support, we welcome you to invite friends, family members, and/or advocates to be present during the consultation, as well as to be involved with any part of the transition process. Whomever you feel will help create a positive and relaxing environment...whenever!

With the unique life situations we all experience, we do not offer standard pricing or packages.

Our Payment Structure works for YOU...
You do NOT pay until the sale of the house is complete! (OAC)

Transition Support Services has developed a payment structure that, for those approved, does not require any payment until the money is available through the closing of your home, provided your home sells within three months. You will not have to borrow or redirect your money in order to get the support and services you require for creating a positive transition and for getting the most out of the sale. Contact us today for further details.

If you decide not to move, if you do not have the money left to pay for our service upon closing, or the closing of your home takes longer than our allotted “no payment period” of three months from the listing date, we will provide reasonable payment options for your customized transition package.